When you're looking for a top-quality adult day care facility, contact UAC in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to our compassionate nursing care, we also offer a variety of field trips and activities, including picnics and therapeutic exercise. Engaging in regular social activities in a terrific atmosphere can help improve your loved one's health and wellbeing.
UAC is a state certified adult daycare and has helped define the landscape of the adult day care environment in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have been certified by the county and state for safety. Call us to schedule a free trial day.
We accept clients of North Carolina Community Alternatives Program in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties. Young adults from Cardinal Innovations. We serve clients funded from department of social services from mecklenburg & Cabarrus both counties and private pay clients.

A Dedicated Adult Day Care Facility

  • Council of Aging
  • Cardinal Innovations Provider Association
  • North Carolina Adult Day Services Association
  • Alzheimer's Association